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Ian of Ghana

A limited TV drama series


Ian of Ghana is a one-hour TV drama series. It follows an undocumented migrant family from Ghana, the Dankwahs, and the struggle they face in South London.

On the surface, Ian Dankwah couldn't ask for more – especially if you asked his closest friend, Jasper: Ian’s just been promoted to senior management; is about to holiday with Phlippa, his attractive girlfriend; and is blessed with close-up magic chops that seem to mirror his mercurial wits, inspiring the confidence of many. But beneath the illusory surface, Ian is addled by panic attacks as he tries and fails to finance the private medical treatment of his ailing mother, Yvette Dankwah. Despite earning promotions, working side-hustles and extra jobs, he can't seem to make up the shortfall needed to save his mum.

But when an antique Oware set from Ian's homeland arrives at the lost property office, it reopens old wounds, triggers memories of better times for Ian, and sparks an idea that may just solve his family's tight financial spot. Debonair magic tricks were once the only way he made things disappear. No more.

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